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Let's meet  on February 30th ♥
04 September 2010 @ 06:48 pm

As I mentioned earlier... here is my last post. Now I will go add people to my new f-list. :D I will use this as a kind of friends cut, so I might not add everyone. So, if you notice that I didn't add you (within the next few hours), but still want to stay on my f-list just leave me a note at my FO post or something where you tell me why you want to stay on my f-list.

From now on this journal will be officially closed.
My new journal is odoruaho

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Let's meet  on February 30th ♥
26 May 2008 @ 05:12 am
Actually I just wanted to translate Jan's Susume no Susume (just for myself!), but when I had some problems understanding it I tried to google for romaji lyrics of it and couldn't find any and so I just romanized them myself to share them. And because I thought just one song isn't enough I romanized Retsu's and Ran's songs as well.
Since my translation skills are still not good enough to share it, I share only the romaji lyrics. m(__)m

×Take them! Share them! Do whatever you like with them!
I don't own those lyrics, so there's no reason to credit me for it or anything.
×Be nice!
I know my work might lack, but I'm trying to improve every day. So I'd love to get constructive critique, but no bashing please. Thank you~ ♥

Susume no SusumeCollapse )

Just make it out!Collapse )

RunCollapse )

F-list, sorry for spamming you with this. m(__)m Real life post will follow soon. XDv

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